Image processing and Machine vision Applications

4 June 2022

In this page, we describe another part of image processing, machine vision, and video processing :


Online controlling the associated parts of machine with image perception

inspection quality of product packaging

Checking quality of the milk bottles, oil and other drinks

measurement of objects

calibration of equipments

Label inspection

Reading barcode (Identification of the barcode location on product, extracting numbers and identifying the supplier country)



Very low error

Increasing the speed and quality of production

very low maintenance cost

No need for a 24 - hour operator's presence

Reduction of waste

Correction the production process


Types of counters

Count is boring and exhausting for humans not for machines. therefore machine vision is a popular and good choice for this goal:

count the components inside packages

count things on the conveyor belt

count rice grains


Automatic diagnostics

the recognition of the grains of rice

Recognition of defective products and products


Malformed oil bottle


Paper and Concrete




Meat Quality


the tiles, the pills and Quality of the bag of drugs


Also, detecting the flaws of concrete structures

The Turks

the optimal cut of the wood and its accuracy control

To identify empty bottles at the plant's production line.