Audio processing

4 June 2022

What is sound?

What we receive as sound is a sequential change of air pressure and in electronic, as a signal that is changing over time.

What does sound processing mean

Sound processing is one of the most important fields in technical science and engineering.

Sound processing is considered to be one of the most tangible (near to life) fields of engineering.

in this science, for example improving audio quality or increasing (strengthening) volume of voice as well as the human auditory system is the common goal of this type of process.

In the figure, the phrase " Bismillah ur Rahman ur Rahim " is said:



Audio Processing Applications

Some of the applications of voice processing and speech are in the following fields:

Phone networks and voice calls

recognition and production of human voice patterns

Save and maintain high - quality music

Play and write an audio file

Combine Sound (voice) signals

Create sound effects


Stereo Audio

stereo audio, is recorded by two separated sound sensors(microphones) this type of sound can actually have a proper estimation of the source direction,

human hearing is stereo!!!


Audio Forensic

In this figure the fictitious(Forgery) section of the sound is specified in the time - frequency domain.



Signal Processing

Signal processing is a very broad branch of engineering science.

for example,In most cases, medical signals and telecommunication signal need signal processing