Image processing and Machine vision Applications

4 June 2022

In this page, we describe another part of image processing, machine vision, and video processing :

Education and Entertainment


Computer graphics and producing computer images, robotics and Computer game



Virtual Rality

3D images of objects and environments close to reality (imitation of the hand gesture by animated character).

putting artificial objects into the real pictures.



Augmented reality

Scenes of special effects recorded inside the studio

Training pilots in the simulator chamber

Virtual reconstruction of monuments and ancient cities such as Rome (tourism usage).

Hands/eyes detection systems(to help disabled people) or aid programs for blinds (for example, allowing for shooting for blind people; the first electronic sports for the disabled)



OCR(Optical Character Recognition): conversion text images into letters such as Word by various ways such as pattern matching and the neural network to various objects, such as the recognition of a particular letter in the image or the covertion of the text into sound.

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