Image Forensic

4 June 2022

What is image forgery?


Any malicious manipulation in image is said image forgery.

Forgery often is done in order to conceal the truth, deception of the viewer and the exaggeration.



What is image forensic?

Any operation on the image that is aimed at detecting the authenticity or forgery of that image is called the forensic or forgery detection of the image.

Some methods of image forensic are as follows:



The lack of a common area for the possible location of light source is a reason of tampered image.



Lighting and reflection of lights in eyes



Geometric distortion correction



Matching Techniques



Image Geometric Information

Use standard dimensions in image scene

Using the convergence of parallel lines of the real world in the image


Image Forensic Applications

Some of the applications of this branch of image processing science are as follows:

Judge and Courtroom

Validation of documents submitted to the courtroom


Apply authority right to images

Steganography and watermarking

Insurance Companies

In order to verify the validity of digital evidence, the image forensic has a significant role.