Video processing

4 June 2022

What is video processing?

If recording, storing and displaying images are one after another.

Of course there is a set of standards for saving and reading videos.

Video processing is a specialized sub-branch of image processing and machine vision


Video stabilization

remove blurring and effects of the camera shaking from the video.



Motion vectors estimation



Video Analysising

such as the performance analysis of teams and players in the football game.

or video surveillance



Car counters



Composition of videos together or with the images.




Tracking objects and people are still very important in the processing of video processing.

If done online, its value will be hundreds of times.



Shot change Detection

Finding length of video scenes (utility in summarizing video).

Recognition of its scenes and extracting key images; an image of every video scene


Summarizing video

Chessing a part of video


Encoding and decoding

Usage in sending and receiving secret images


Video Compression

The video compression is performed in different ways, such as discrete wavelet transform (DWT).